Arthur Marshall

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Accidental Brass

The band is a four piece brass quartet featuring Suzy on cornet, Mike on Turmpet, me on trombone, euphonium and extremely occasional cornet, and Karen on Eb bass.

It was set up to be a small and flexible unit to play for care homes, voluntary groups, church or school fetes or anywhere that fancied having a bit of brass band music and had not much space.

Really, it was because I like playing, and I like playing music for people and most entertainment for the elderly or infirm seems to be well-meaning but dull.  We do try to be the first but not the second…

And the big bands only do one or two shows a year, and I wanted to go out a bit more often than that. The smaller the group, the easier it is to organise, especially when everyone is busy. A quintet would have been ideal, but adding a fifth member more than triples the difficulty in getting everyone together to practice.

And anyway, we all like each other, and it’s fun.  You can’t really ask much more than that.