Arthur Marshall

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This was a compilation of my first two CDs, recorded in 2000 and 2002.  You can tell they go back a bit as my beard was still brown when I did the first one…

The songs were written over quite a long period of time, when I was living on the Wirral and veering between New Brighton, Birkenhead and Bebington.  I was busy running ceilidh bands and playing around the Merseyside folk clubs, as well as with a couple of Irish bands - a nice Liverpool based band the name of which escapes me now, and the duo of Positively Fourth street - which was manic and a lot of fun while it lasted!

The CDs contained some of my all-time favourite songs - The Fences (which I still think is the best song I have ever written), Miss Jones’ Song (which some other people think is the best song I have ever written) and the blues I want played at my funeral - Four Black Horses.

NB - Sadly this is no longer available as there aren’t any copies left.  But the pick of the tracks are on the ultimate compilation “Too Many Fences”.


The Fences

Glad Rags

Miss Jones’ Song

The Dance Floor

She Taught Me How to Polka

Sweet Sue’s Blues

Love in Any Language

Four Black Horses



How To Make a Band


Keep Your Eyes on the Road

God’s Song

27 Roads

The Man Who Played Piano



Everybody Goes Home