Arthur Marshall

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A few trombone backing tracks, all midi and for my own reference as I keep losing the files. But if anyone wants copies or MP3s, email me and I’ll put them on.

From Festive Baroque:

Die Wurde (Telemann)

Air (Purcell)

Die Tapferkeit (Telemann)

Air (Handel)

Die Ausgelassenheit (Telemann)

Minuet (Bach)

Bouree (Hasse)

Die Liebe (Telemann)

La Villageoise (Rameau)

Die Anmut (Telemann)

Sarabande (Tartini)

Gavotte (Lully)

From Time Pieces 2:


Agnus Dei

Drinking Song

Elegie Melodie

La Paix

La Rejouissance

Largo (Arne)


Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes

Spring waltz

Tre Giorni

If anyone finds this page and want the files for Time Pieces 1, email me and I’ll put them up.

Same goes for Shining Brass 1&2, Slide Show, Paper Moon, Let’s Face the Music, Lazy Bones, Get a Handel on It, Across the Pond and Bach for Trombone, and several others, but if nobody wants them then I can’t be bothered…