Arthur Marshall

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This was my last CD, finally finished in 2013. I’ll get round to another one soon*… but in the meantime, here it is.

It’s dedicated to my mother-in-law, for whom I wrote Old Bones, although sadly she never heard it.  But she made me welcome when I was a stranger in a strange town (Macclesfield is strange in many ways…) and for that I will always be grateful.

Be that as it may, I wrote all the songs (as usual), and I played all the instruments on them apart from All the Way from Donegal, because the kiss the blarney version was so good that they let me use it instead. So I just play guitar and sing on that one, with John on bass and Robbie on everything else.

The tracks on the player are pretty low quality to fit my available bandwidth - if you want to hear them in their full glory you’ll need to buy the CD…

*I didn’t!