Arthur Marshall

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This is a compilation of my first four CDs, recorded between 2000 and 2005.   I thought it was about time I culled the best tracks into a proper CD instead of the home produced originals.  If you want the full CDs, you can still get them from here too at a reduced price.

It contains some of my all-time favourite songs - The Fences (which I still think is the best song I have ever written), Miss Jones’ Song (which some other people think is the best song I have ever written) and the blues I want played at my funeral - Four Black Horses. Voices, I think, sums up my feelings pretty well.

The songs were recorded on a variety of studios over the years, so there is a little variation in sound, but all in all it’s over an hour of some pretty good stuff - well, I think so, anyway…

The Fences

Miss Jones’ Song

17 Millionaires

The Dance Floor

Love in Any Language

27 Roads


The Man Who Played Piano

Still On My Mind

God’s Song

Everybody Goes Home


Four Black Horses


Hallway Song



Closing Time